Pinot Pepper very quickly realised that today was going to be very different from any other day. Normally, so proud of his glossy black fur, he was totally amazed to awake one morning and discover he had turned completely blue!

Not entirely sure that being blue suits him, he sets off in search of some answers.

Will one of Pinots friends be able to help him, or will he find himself facing a very blue future?

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Pinot Pepper

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You can get your copy directly from Pegasus Publishing, from Amazon, Waterstones or any good high street bookstore. To make it even easier for you, you can order your copy using the link below!

The Day Pinot Pepper Turned Blue is an enchanting new series empowering children to understand that anything in life is pawssible!

Written from the boundless imagination of Julia Roberts, and inspired by her pet cat, Pinot, ‘The Day Pinot Pepper Turned Blue’ is volume one in an uplifting new children’s book series. With Pinot as their guide, children will navigate a host of life issues but these issues will be experienced through the eyes of a cat and his friends. The stories are lighthearted and fun and are designed to make children smile.

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About the author

Julia lives in Buckinghamshire, with her now famous cat, called Pinot, his sister Grigio, and her husband Quentin.

Not having any children of her own Julia wanted to become a story teller to many, and so her debut children’s story ‘The Day Pinot Pepper Turned Blue’ was born. The story is lighthearted and fun but carries a sensible message for its young readers. Julia’s main aim through her books and through her Pinot Pepper Stories page, is to make her readers smile. Daily life can be all to serious at times and Julia wanted to provide a little lighthearted relief from the every day pressures we all feel from time to time.

Julia has first hand experience of how coping with extreme feelings can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially as a child;
“Writing the Pinot Pepper stories has helped me focus on something I really enjoy doing, which, in turn, has helped me through a very difficult couple of years,” explains Julia. “Life can, and does, get tough for everyone and there are times when we all need something we can turn to, to help us relax and unwind. Writing the Pinot Pepper stories is my way of unwinding.”

Julia is busy arranging author visits into schools, libraries and clubs so if your organisation would like to receive a visit then please use the email address below to contact Julia directly. More information can also be found on the ‘Events, Reviews and Media‘ page, you will find the link at the bottom of the page.

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Julia Roberts - Pinot Pepper author

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