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Would you like your pet or favourite animal featured in a Pinot Pepper story? All you need to do is drop Pinot an email telling him a little about your animal and he will do his very best to feature them within one of his stories. You can include as much information about your animal as you like but please be sure to include the main details we have listed below.
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The Garden Christmas Fair

#pinotpepperstories Guest starring Moss Dog the Labradoodle! It was the 9th of December and the day of the Christmas fair had finally arrived. Pinot was feeling extremely excited as he made his way across the lawn towards the fair entrance. As he arrived he immediately noticed the wonderful Christmassy smell that was filling the air. … Continue reading The Garden Christmas Fair

The Christmas Tree

#pinotpepperstories Guest starring Flower the Rabbit! The large, battered, cardboard box was sitting in the corner of the dining room. It had been there since Friday evening and it was now Sunday afternoon, Pinot and Grigio could barely contain their excitement a moment longer. The box appeared at the same time every year but it … Continue reading The Christmas Tree

Pinot Pepper Starts Work.

#pinotpepperstories The month of November was nearly over and Pinot knew, with Christmas just around the corner, he would soon need to make a start on his Christmas shopping. He wanted to buy presents for his friends, his sister Grigio, and his humans, and the earlier he started the easier he knew it would be. … Continue reading Pinot Pepper Starts Work.

Where to buy the book

You can get your copy directly from Pegasus Publishing, from Amazon, Waterstones, or any good high street bookstore. To make it even easier for you you can get your copy using the link below!

The Day Pinot Pepper Turned Blue is an enchanting new series empowering children to understand that anything in life is pawssible!

Written from the boundless imagination of Julia Roberts, and inspired by her pet cat, Pinot, ‘The Day Pinot Pepper Turned Blue’ is volume one in an uplifting new children’s book series. With Pinot as their guide, children will navigate a host of life issues, but these issues will be experienced through the eyes of a cat and his friends. The stories are lighthearted and fun and are designed to make children smile.

You can buy the book here.

About the author

Julia lives in Buckinghamshire, with her now famous cat, called Pinot, his sister Greedy Grigio, and her husband Quentin.

Not having any children of her own she wanted to become a story teller to many, and so her debut children’s story ‘The Day Pinot Pepper Turned Blue’ was born. The story is lighthearted and fun but carries a sensible message for its young readers. Julia’s main aim through her books and through her Pinot Pepper Stories page, is to make her readers smile. Daily life can be all to serious at times and Julia wanted to provide a little lighthearted relief from the every day pressures we all feel from time to time. 

Julia has first hand experience of how coping with extreme feelings can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially as a child.
“Writing the book and the Pinot Pepper short stories has really helped me focus on what I love doing and has helped me through a very difficult couple of years,” explains Julia. “Life gets tough for us all at times and we all need something we can turn to, to help us relax and unwind, writing the Pinot Pepper stories is my way of unwinding.”

Julia is busy arranging author visits into schools, libraries and clubs so if your organisation would like to receive a visit then please use the email address below to contact Julia directly. More information can also be found on the ‘Events, Reviews and Media‘ page, you will find the link at the bottom of the page.

To contact Julia please drop her an email on pinotpepper@gmail.com 


Julia Roberts - Pinot Pepper author

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